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Terms & Conditions
1. Terms & Conditions herein are additional to the Terms and Conditions stated in the current Telephony Service Agreement entered into between the Customer and TM.
2. This Plan is for the outgoing voice services, which offers discounted call rates for National calls terminating to Fixed lines and Mobile and International Direct Dial using Telekom Malaysia network.
3. The activation of the Plan shall depend on the registration date of the Plan and the Customer's bill period.
4. The call rates offered in the Plan shall supersede any existing rates enjoyed by Customer.
5. All payments for this Plan shall be made payable to 'TELEKOM MALAYSIA BERHAD'.
6. TM reserves the right to modify, withdraw or terminate this Plan in the event of any misuse or abuse whatsoever, which right is not questionable.
7. TM reserves the right to withdraw or replace this Plan with other Plan and shall be effective from the date determined by TM.
8. By subscribing this package, Customer will receive their billing via existing 'Bil Telefon dan Multimedia'.